30 November 2015

Monday 30th November 2015 – There’s no time to stop

The title of this work, “There is no time to stop”, talks about my own frequent experience. Often what I have in front of my eyes is greater than the thoughts in my head and I can’t waste time lost in my thoughts. I renew my invitation for Wednesday, 9th December at 19.00 at the Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter (via Cadolini 27 in Milan). There will be for all who are a free 2016 calendar. I wait […]
4 January 2016

Monday 4th January 2016 – Tram wires

For the first Monday of the 2016 I have decided to return on the subject of the tram wires, which were the first thing that struck me when I arrived in Milan. Happy Monday, and happy new year to all!
1 February 2016

Monday 1st February 2016 – I look up

“I look up” it’s a work linked to the city of Milan. Looking at the tram wires, in fact, I can look up and discover the sky of Milan, so beautiful and blue. The color that I love most is the blue, and this weekend, while I was visiting the Art Fair in Bologna, I saw a photo of Hans Hartung’s studio. An incredible studio, as you can see. My wish would be to have a studio like this, I […]
8 February 2016

Monday 8th February 2016 – Returns

There are some places that, after some time, I feel the physical need to repaint. I return on with the eyes and with the spatula. One of these is Piazza Bottini, in Milan: I went there for the first time in February of 2012, I took a picture because I was impressed by the intertwining of the tram wires, and in the years I often returned on this subject. The last work I did is the one you can see, […]