Video from Youtube Channel of the Contemporary Artist Francesco Zavatta

Francesco Zavatta - Artist, Painter Milan


The way I paint the sea is very different from the way I used to at the beginning of my artistic career, namely concentrating only on the subject-matter and the large background of colour.
Now I am more confident in depicting horizons and have enriched my use of colour in painting skies and reflections on water.

Francesco Zavatta, Artista Pittore Milano


Milano was the first city to be subject-matter in my paintings. Before that the city was only a background for the sea or the lagoon; but with Milan, the city overwhelmed the canvas. It entered into a non obvious, indeed the first impact was not easy
The first work I've done, " Via Andrea Costa " , began with a violent gesture , throwing the water with a little black china against the sky, like a shout.
From there it all began.

Francesco Zavatta, Artista Pittore Milano


When I started painting mountains, I began by rendering only the lines of the rocks and the movements they made without using the colours and substance of the mountains. Looking at them I realised that when playing with the differences between flat surfaces and lines, I was reminded of some of the drawings of prisons by Michelangelo that I had done in the Academy. This was of crucial inspiration for me - to look at the mountains as enormous masses that want to break out of themselves, forms that want to free themselves and show themselves for what they really are in all their majesty.

Francesco Zavatta, Artista Pittore Milano